Mobile Car Wash & Detailing Service

Have your vehicle washed at the time and location that fits your schedule. You will no longer waste your time waiting in the lines at traditional car washes. Because we are waterless, we can wash your vehicle anywhere in the city – parking lots, driveways and streets with light traffic.

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Convenient mobile car wash in San Francisco and Bay Area

  • Easy-to-use mobile app makes booking a car wash simple
  • We come to you! That’s right – just tell us when and where, and we will wash and detail your car.
  • Waterless technology allows us to never use any water when washing or detailing your vehicle.
  • Book online or through our mobile app.
  • We reward loyal customers!

Our Eco-Friendly Promise

We are committed to fighting climate change and preserving our natural resources. That’s why we use an eco-friendly waterless technology for our mobile car wash and detailing business.

California is a unique state where residents come together to preserve precious water resources and contribute to sustaining our environment.

To provide mobile car washing and detailing services we use a biodegradable concentrate that removes dirt and protect your car’s finish. Our waterless solution saves 30-50 gallons per wash with minimal impact to the environment. Our cleaning solution is biodegradable and VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant. It uses non-polluting wastewater, and does not contain ammonia.